EPIcA is innovation for your library

  • We know that managing a library is a challenging task that goes through several steps, including controlling physical and digital collections, users and circulation, and the administrative functions that require agile decision making.
  • A specialized solution platform for the library universe. We deliver more convenience to your day-to-day operations, as well as better autonomy and freedom to conduct your services.
  • EPIcA brings together key solutions: integrated search platform, remote content access, library software (ILS), subscription from leading academic publishers, and the business intelligence platform specializing in libraries.

Learn about the EPIcA Platform Services

ITMS Analytics²

The only Business Intelligence platform specializing in generating fast and accurate analysis for libraries. With ITMS Analytics², your management is now driven by data that is collected from your ILS system, search engines, proxy and editorial services. So you know more about how your library services work and are being used. This provides greater autonomy and security to make strategic decisions.


The most widely used Integrated Library System (ILS) in all of Latin America. There are currently over 600 active institutions. With Pergamum, the main functions of your library are integrated, which optimizes information management and facilitates users’ daily lives. The tool controls library stock and circulation, offers suggestion, selection and acquisition functions, as well as generates data that favors information management and analysis.

Optimize, simplify and reduce costs of managing your library!


An integrated search platform that allows users to search all information services available in their library, for example: digital databases with exclusive or open access, library management systems, among others. Offer complete and more agile experiences to promote knowledge in your library. In addition to reducing operating costs, Lib.Steps provides real-time content, requires no maintenance and constant updates.


With Lib.Proxy technology, your institution will be able to offer remote access to all users, who can contemplate the complete collection of information services subscribed to by their library anywhere. In addition, with cloud technology, the need for a local server is eliminated, further reducing operating costs. Lib.Proxy is the most agile and cost-effective remote access solution, requiring no expensive licenses or time-consuming implementation.


The optimized percentage of time in your operation


Your team’s productivity growth


The percentage of improvement in service delivery

Modernize Your Library Experience

EPIcA is the most innovative and modern service platform that has come to optimize library resources, increase user accessibility and provide better conditions for scientific and academic production. Promote new and more impactful knowledge experiences in your institution.

Reduce Your Operating Costs

With EPIcA platform solutions, you get the best of both worlds: reduce your operating costs while boosting your performance. With EPIcA you get much more functions, with much less wherewithal, as you will have access to the most advanced technologies to manage your library.

Make Assertive Decision Making

With the EPIcA platform, you will be able to generate data and analysis safely and automatically. By thoroughly understanding the use of your resources, it is simpler to make strategic decisions, make budget forecasts, and identify which areas of knowledge require more or less investment.

Optimize, simplify and reduce costs of managing your library!

Services that make a difference

See how EPIcA can leverage different fronts of your institution.

ITMS Analytics²

  • Collect information about your resources and users from all sources that generate data
  • Generate a much more accurate analysis of your library resource usage
  • Eliminate metadata from your information base to streamline your operation
  • Delivers smarter decision-making based on real data


  • Enables the library’s main services, controls your collection and circulation
  • With a simple and intuitive graphical user interface, simplifying user experience
  • Integrates next-generation suggestion, selection, acquisition, cataloging, and OPAC functions
  • Provides an organized and collectable data source for analysis


  • On a single platform, you search multiple databases
  • Simplifies searching for scientific content in digital collections available in your library
  • Provides real time access, features found are always up to date
  • Eliminates maintenance costs as all upgrades happen in real time.


  • Promotes remote access to all digital resources in your library
  • User validation compatible with various databases including LDAP
  • Utilizes cloud technology, eliminates local server costs
  • Investment is low and platform maintenance is minimal

EPIcA will revolutionize the way you manage your library

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EPIcA Benefits

Resource Control Optimization

Generation of analyzes that guide management

Improved service quality

Reduction of Operational Costs

Agility in the implantation process

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